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Cece Doucette

Communications Director
Wireless Education

A technical and professional writer by trade, Cecelia (Cece) Doucette discovered wireless technology brings biological risks and has shifted her career to study the issue, educate the public and affect policy change.

Cece ran many campaigns to bring technology into her local schools, much of it wireless. When she discovered it was hazardous she began the difficult conversation which lead Ashland Public Schools in Massachusetts to become the first in the nation to implement Best Practices for Mobile Devices. Next, she worked to introduce legislation to examine the non-industry funded international science and protect public health. She also collaborated with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to develop public health fact sheets. See her research repository for details, Understanding EMFs:

Cece has helped her local library become the first in the nation to host a documentary film and discussion series on Electromagnetic Radiation and Health, and received a grant to place an Acoustimeter on loan so residents can measure and remediate their radiation exposures.

Cece is also a founder and Communications Director with the international non-profit charity Wireless Education, which has distilled the independent scientific literature and medical advisories into affordable 40-minute on-line courses for Schools & Families and Corporate Safety Induction. See

She publishes wireless safety information on social media, writes articles for local outlets and has been featured on FOX News, PBS, O’Dwyer’s, EMF Warriors and in the films Generation Zapped and Wi-Fi Refugees.

Cece is called upon to present to school administrators, planning and health boards, building commissioners, parent groups and health professionals, and looks forward to working with the HIBR team. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a Master’s in Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University.