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Health in Buildings RoundtableImproving Lives with Health-centered Buildings

Young Lee

Executive Director
Visiting Research Associate, University College London, London

Trained in interior architecture/design/engineering, sustainable building research, and workplace strategies for over two decades, Young’s focus in research and practice resides in health/wellbeing - enhanced workplace and organizational outcomes, indoor environmental quality and occupant experiences, and innovative workplace strategic planning. As the creator of open source workplace analytics CAPTIW©: Workplace Innovation Performance and PROWELL©: Workplace Health & Wellbeing Performance, she has been pioneering evidence-based practice in workplace design and management to help organizations achieve enhanced workplace health /wellbeing/ performance. Young integrates her analytic research background into design/management strategies to continuously pursue her belief in sustainability, health & wellbeing, and workplace effectiveness.

She has published numerous journal/ industry articles and presented at many international/national conferences and events including TEDx Talk (Disengage to Engage), NEOCON, Healthcare Design, OECD, and Forbes. Recently, she has published a book chapter on Workplace Health and Its Impact on Human Capital, summarizing her approach to workplace health and wellbeing. Young’s “UCL Workplace Health and Wellbeing” research project, with experts in the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment at University College London, exemplifies her efforts to link the workplace environment to employee health and wellbeing as well as organizational outcomes in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. She currently serves on the advisory/editorial board of Active Design for Workplace Wellbeing, Leading for Wellbeing Consortium, the Journal of Indoor and Built Environment, and the Journal of Intelligent Buildings International.