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Ulrike Passe

Associate Professor, Architecture
Iowa State University

Ulrike Passe teaches architectural design and environmental technologies and serves as director of the Center for Building Energy Research at Iowa State University (ISU) since 2008. Ulrike studies space as environmental technology. Ulrike received her Diplom - Ingenieur in architecture degree from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany in 1990. In 2009, she led the ISU team, which designed a solar powered home for the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. The project involved interdisciplinary research into energy efficient building envelopes, passive and active solar technologies, passive cooling strategies, natural ventilation and thermal comfort. Passe then led the building science plank in the five-year Iowa NSF EPSCoR project “Harnessing Energy in the Biosphere to Build Sustainable Energy Systems”, which transformed the Solar Decathlon Interlock House into a community lab for energy efficiency research.

Ulrike Passe is a leading expert in the US on designing spaces for natural ventilation. In collaboration with Dr. Francine Battaglia, she authored the 2015 book “Designing Spaces for Natural Ventilation: An Architect’s Guide (Routledge). This is the first holistic book in two decades on the subject. She and her collaborators at ISU have contributed significantly to validate computational fluid dynamics models for natural ventilation based on support from an NSF EAGER and an Iowa Energy Center grant. She currently leads the interdisciplinary Iowa State University team “Big data for sustainable cities decision making” which develops data-driven decision-making tools integrating human-building-microclimate interactions into urban energy models for urban resilience. The project collaborates with city and public health stakeholders.